Care for the Child: The Story of the Bridgeport General

Documentary by Ring Productions

Released February 2017

 Rob Gellner performed on soundtrack songs Sintown and Sintown (Reprise)

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Jason Raso Funktet

by Jason Raso

Released November 2017

 Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 arranged by Rob Gellner

J raso cd cover
What If
by The Rob Gellner Sextet
Released 2015
Final art work cover front only
by KW Big Band Theory
Released 2015
Rob Gellner performed on all songs
Four Little Bees, Paradox, Phrygian Phantasy are Rob Gellner original arrangements/compositions.  
Evidence cover 200x200
The Red Arrow
by Jason Raso
Released 2011
Performed on Red Barons Blue
The Bare Truth
Joni NehRita
Released 2010
Performed on Are You Ready
Record Prophets
by Groove Corporation
Released 2009
Gc cd cover for web